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Palace Jabour

Jabour Palace is the official residence of the Vice-President of Brazil, located in the lagoon of lake paranoá. The Palace was built together with the rest of the Brasilia's famous architect Oscar Niemeyer and opened in 1977, It is located near the palácio da Alvorada. The name comes from the bird Jabiru (Jabour), massively inhabiting the region. , Adalberto Pereira DOS Santos, Vice-President of the government of Geisel, was the first resident of this complex.

A distinctive feature of this building from others, such as the palácio da Alvorada, is the fact that this building was originally planned exclusively as a dwelling house. Total area of the building, designed and executed the concept of urbanism, 4283 square meters and around the Palace has a huge garden in which are planted by foreign and local plants.

Topographic area on the road between the presidential palaces of Planalto and Alvorada is lake Paranoa, its size is 190тысяч sq. m. Quiet conservation area makes this place an natural Park where the green area freely walk Nandu.