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Palace of the National Congress of Brazil

The National Congress, informally known as the Palace of Nereu Ramos. It was built and inaugurated in 1960. Developed and implemented the project known to specialists of Oscar Niemeyer and Joaquim Cardozo. This is one of the three monumental buildings that symbolize the pillars of the state, the other two - the Planalto Palace and the Supreme court. This structure is considered one of the landmark buildings in the capital of Brazil, it is often called the hallmark of the country.

According to the plan of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Palace consists of a main building, a horizontal, which is the basis for the domes of the Senate and house of representatives. Block platform placed two hemispheres - the left (concave dome) hall of the Senate, on the right (convex dome) - the hall of the chamber of deputies. Between them are two parallel separate office towers with a height of about one hundred meters. The Congress also occupies other surrounding buildings, connecting underground passages with some of them.

The building is located on the main street of the capital. A large green area in front of the architectural complex is used for marches, demonstrations and social events.