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The Planalto Palace

The Planalto Palace is the official workplace of the President of Brazil, located on the praça DOS Tres Poderes, near the National Congress and the Supreme court. The building was designed by architect Nemeyer, commissioned 21 April 1960, Except for the presidency, in the Planalto are the offices of Vice President and chief of staff.

Before moving to the new building of the Executive office based on the outskirts. Planalto - one of the first buildings opened in the new capital. The opening ceremony was attended by several heads of state and thousands of spectators. In March 2009, President Luiz inácio Lula da Silva ordered an extensive reconstruction of the Palace, because decades of poor maintenance have caused the entire complex of significant damage. The restoration was completed on 24 August 2010, there was a new electricity, water and air conditioning systems; complete dismantling and reconstruction of the interior of the premises; restoration of the external facade; construction of an underground car Park for 500 vehicles; substitution of the electrical generators; modernisation of technological equipment (CCTV, computers, etc.).

The Palace area of 36000 square meters, the main building has five floors, one of which is ground floor, and a helipad near the North facade. The first floor consists of a reception, security service, lounge and press office. The large lobby is often used for temporary exhibitions of the Federal government. There's a few sculptures and a gallery of presidents. The second floor is divided into Eastern and Western rooms, is also the main meeting room and press Secretariat. The hall of mirrors, the largest in the Palace (with a capacity of 1000 people) is used for solemn ceremonies. The room is decorated with statues and frescoes by modern artists. The West room is used for
for international events. On the third floor is the office of the President, offices for senior staff of the President.

The President's office consists of three separate areas: office, meeting room and guest rooms. Here there is a Brazilian modernist furniture 1940-60-ies and silverware from the Catete Palace, as well as paintings. The guest room is used for official meetings of the President and foreign heads of state and government. The fourth floor is a large living room and offices of senior government officials, including the chief of staff and chief of the Cabinet of institutional security. Security inside and outside the Palace watching the Dragoons.

In front of the Planalto Palace in 1991 was built a pool to increase the humidity in the hot dry season. Its area 1635 m, depth 110 cm, in the water, there are several Japanese carp.

The Palace is open to the public only on Sunday, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., tours last about 20 minutes. The President it is hard to see, as it uses the North entrance or arrives by helicopter.