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Zoological Museum of the University of são Paulo

Zoological Museum of the University of são Paulo was founded in the early 1890-ies, when several meetings formed the Paulista Museum.

In 1890, one of the senior officials donated to the state of são Paulo collection of exhibits of natural history, collected since 1870. This collection along with exhibitions of other geographical and geological museums were later transferred to a building in the district of Ipiranga, open to the public in 1895. Over the next 40 years the results of many Zoological, Botanical, ethnographic and historical research housed in the Museum Paulista.

From 11 January 1939 established the Department of Zoology, which was transferred to the section of Zoology of the Museum. It was also designed a new building for the Zoological collections. In 1940-1941 it was completed, the collection was transferred and stored there until today. In 1969 the Museum became part of the University complex in são Paulo and received his current name.

Today, the Zoological Museum is one of the largest Zoological collections in Latin America and plays a crucial role in the accumulation of knowledge about Brazil and global biodiversity. With more than 10 millions exhibits a good degree of preservation, it protects the evidence on biological species and ecosystems, some of which are already extinct. This heritage is a source of important data in evolutionary biology, paleontology, ecology and molecular biology.

Zoological Museum invites you to explore its rich collections, a library with over 100 thousand volumes of literature and collaborates with foreign researchers. On-site café and a gift shop.