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The Cathedral of Curitiba

Minor Basilica of the Mother of God of Light, or the Cathedral de Curitiba, Catholic Church in the same city of the paraná state. The first Church on this site, a small Adobe structure was built in 1668. Today is a historical center of the city. In 1693, in the premises of the Church is the city Council during the election of the first local authorities. 29 March of the same year was created the official Foundation of the virgin of Vila da Luz and Jesus-shower-Pinhais-Curitiba.

Many years later this small building was replaced by a large stone and clay. The Church began to call the name of the virgin Mary, the construction was completed in 1721, It was demolished about 1875. In the period between 1876 and 1893 were working on the construction of a new Church. In 1894, the Church received the title of Cathedral and the Bishop blesses Jose Camargo. 7 June 1993, one hundred years after opening, the Church was elevated to the rank of Minor Basilica, dedicated to our lady of Light, patroness of Curitiba.

The Cathedral was built in neo-Gothic style, apparently, the architects, inspired by monumental religious buildings in Barcelona. The temple is decorated with paintings by Italian artists Carlos and Anacleto, Garbaccio. The authorship is attributed to the French architect, count Alfonso de place, minor amendments were made by the engineer Giovanni help of Lazzarini, performing a major work.