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Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary

Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary, better known as the Cathedral of Brasilia, is located right behind the National Museum Onestini guimarães. He was the first monumental building constructed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and engineer Joaquim Cardozo.

The first stone was laid on September 12 1958, the completion of the had in 1960 was designated a circular area with a diameter of seventy feet, from which rise sixteen concrete columns hyperboloid, sharing the building on parabolic sections, weighing ninety tons. May 31, 1970 the Church was opened, the areas between the columns received a transparent outer glass. Adjacent to temple square has four three-meter bronze sculptures representing the evangelists; the statues were made in the development of the sculptor Dante Croce in 1968.

Inside the nave are sculptures of three angels, suspended by steel cables. The size and weight of the sculptures is 2.22 m in length and a little less than one hundred kg, 3.40 m long and about two hundred kg; 4,25 m in length and more than three hundred kg. based on the works of Alfredo Caciotti in collaboration from Dante Croce.

The oval-shaped baptistery, with wall panels of painted ceramic tiles. The bell tower consists of four large bells, donated by Spain, and completes the architectural ensemble. The section between the columns is filled with stained glass, of different shades of blue, green, white and brown. The altar was donated by Pope Paul VI, and the statue of the virgin Mary is a replica of the sculpture in Sao Paulo.

Most of the believers visiting the temple consists of tourists and employees of the nearby ministries. The Cathedral is open daily to the public.