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Cathedral of Sao Paulo

Cathedral of Saint Paul is located in the Cathedral square, in the center of são Paulo. The Cathedral is the main Catholic temple of the city. Its construction began in 1913 and ended four decades later. The building in neo-Gothic style was ready for the 400th anniversary of the city. A feature of the building is the dome in Renaissance style, but despite this, the Cathedral of Sao Paulo is considered the fourth largest neo-Gothic temple in the world.

The history of the Cathedral began in 1589, when in the small town of Sao Paulo de Piratininga, was built the main Church (MATRIZ). This temple was completed around 1616. São Paulo became the centre of the diocese in 1745. In this regard, the old Church was demolished and replaced by a new one, built in Baroque style in 1764. Modern new Church was built on the initiative of Dom Duarte Leopoldo e Silva, Archbishop of são Paulo. Work began in 1913 on the site of the demolished Cathedral.

The chief architect was a German specialist Maximilian Emil Hehl, who developed the project of a huge Church in a mixed style. The architecture of the building is connected to many elements of different styles such as dome and pointed arches, but apparently still dominated by neo-Gothic, traced in common with medieval European cathedrals. All mosaics, sculptures and furniture were transported by sea from Italy. The war prevented to finish the work on time, so the opening of the new Cathedral took place in 1954. At that time, was not yet completed tower, but the ceremony was timed to the celebration of the fourth century são Paulo. The tower was completed only in 1967.

After a long period the Cathedral was completely renovated between 2000 and 2002. During reconstruction found the original plans, dated 1912, which allowed to reconstruct accurately original design. The repair was updated stained glass Windows, bells, the works on modernization of hydraulic and electrical networks. In addition, according to the original drawings built a new tower.

The Cathedral is the largest Church in são Paulo, its length is 111 meters, width - 46 m, with two towers 92 meters high and a huge dome of the Renaissance. Capacity of the temple is 8,000 people. To finish used up to 800 tons of marble. In architectural terms the Church has a Latin cross with five naves and a dome. The facade is equipped with a main portal and a large rosette window, flanked by two high towers.

A special attraction of the Cathedral is the organ with five keyboards, 329 keys, 120 registers, and 12,000 pipes. It was produced in Milan, the Italian firm "Balbiani and Rossi" in 1954

Crypt - an underground vault of the Cathedral of são Paulo, under the main altar. In a huge room with several columns and Gothic arches are buried the bishops and archbishops of Sao Paulo and some important historical persons.