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The valley of the "Stone forest"

Photos and description of of Valley of the "Stone forest"

18 km. from the Bulgarian town Varna, is a valley, which bears the poetic name "the Stone forest". On an area of 70 square kilometers is a variety of of stone pillars up to three diameters and a height of seven meters. Consisting of calcareous Sandstone, these stones with a porous structure covered with notches and cracks; they are hollow inside and filled with sand. The Bulgarians call them "hammered stones" ("Pobiti Kamani"), because when you look at them, there is a sense that this unique "forest" may not have the natural nature and its creation - the handiwork of intelligent beings.

The origin of this miracle is a mystery, not solved to date, however, there are many versions of the origin columns. On one of them, the stones are of gigantic proportions stalagmites with a history of more than 50 million years. On the other - calcareous sediments, which remained here after the ebb tide, and bizarre forms only a consequence of prolonged exposure to wind and air. The third hypothesis, that the stumps remaining from the ancient trees. However, none of the versions was never confirmed until now.

Conventionally, there are several groups of stones. The first is four rows of columns, which are perpendicular to the road. Next - group high (about 6 meters) of "trees". The third - stones like put someone's giant hand on each other. But the most interesting for tourists are the fourth group - the circle of relatively small stones in the center of which stands a tall column. Among themselves Bulgarians have a belief that if you bypass the whole "Stone forest", and then to go inside this circle, luck never turn away from you.