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Seaside Park

Photo and description: seaside Park

Seaside Park, created in the late nineteenth century parks of the Czech architect Anton Novak, is located on the seafront near the centre of Varna city and is a beautiful Paradise where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of a modern city. Its territory covers about 80 hectares.

Seaside Park attracts visitors stretching along the coast paths, unique varieties of trees and flowers and plenty of monuments. At present, there are a variety of Museum complexes, the Dolphinarium, a terrarium, a zoo, the Palace of culture and sports, fountains, water slides and of course a beautiful beach. Here visitors can visit the first Bulgarian planetariums. Next to it is a tower with a Foucault pendulum - a device used to demonstrate the daily rotation of our planet. Hungry visitors can stop at a local café, featuring a cozy atmosphere, excellent cuisine and quite affordable prices.

Also seaside Park is a great place for walking with children. Local kids corner is not very far from the Summer theatre and offers its guests (both very young and older children) various types of entertainment.