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Asparuhov bridge

Photo and description: Asparuhov bridge

Asparuhov bridge - concrete bridge the city of Varna, the longest building of its kind in Bulgaria. In addition, he is part of the highway E-87 highway "Black sea".

The bridge spans the channels that connect Varna and the Black sea. The height of the structure is 50 meters and the length - 2050 meters, while the piles in some places reach a depth of 4 meters. The total mass of the whole structure - more than three thousand tons, 38 pairs of supports. Bandwidth Asparukhovo bridge - 10 thousand cars during the day.

New port of "Varna West" forced the authorities to think about the convenient navigable channel. The construction of the bridge overpass was started in 1973. For traffic the bridge opened in 1976, thus the authorities have also linked the center of Varna with sleeping quarters.

The bridge is open not only for traffic but also for pedestrians. For all lovers of extreme sensations there is a club "Adrenalin", which will help realize the desire to jump off a bridge with an elastic rope.

The bridge offers a superb panorama: the Bay of Varna and to the West is the Varna lake. Also near the bridge is visible to the Galata Cape, the ruins of thousand-year Asparukhovo shaft which prevented the raids of the fleet of Byzantium.