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Dubnenskoe sources

Photo and description: Dubnenskoe sources

Dubnenskoe the springs are at the source of the river Devnya, near the town of Devnya in Bulgaria. They represent 30 karst springs, combined into seven groups. Dubnenskoe sources are the largest in Bulgaria sources of this kind.

Every second from the sources, sees about 3.5 million liters of water. The streams formed by the water sources, blending together form the river Devnya. Water sources are little affected by seasonal climatic changes. In winter, the water here does not freeze.

A priceless treasure Dubnensky springs have attracted people since ancient times. Previously, there was located a big Thracian settlement. During archeological excavations were found the base of an ancient fortress and treasure trove containing a huge amount of gold and silver coins 263 species. At the moment this treasure is kept in the museums of Varna and Sofia.

The most beautiful of springs is the source of Havuz. This light source is also referred to as Magical. If you believe the ancient legend, this source is very loved sister of Roman Emperor Trajan Marciana. The source surrounds the elliptical 5-foot wall, which ensure the drop height of water for the nearby mill. The pool walls and bottom wrap long colored algae.

To the East of Hausa located Autlet, ADAT and Luminate. Source with a diameter of 40 m - ADAT - forms two basins connected by the channel. The source of Luminata, also referred to as Deliduka, forms a lake, the width of which is about 35 meters. Its main estuary is located East of the lake and creates a turbulent underwater fountain.

The most abundant among Dubnensky sources Dipisa, also known as the Bottomless. It forms a large lake, the bottom of which the key has crystal clear 18-degree water. The water of this lake is driven mill, standing on the shore of the lake. Now, the lake cleared of a large amount of vegetation and allowed for tourists, who can admire the beauty of the lake by boat.

In the North Dubnensky sources at the foot of the limestone walls Gholam Kairak located Helcelet and Okoto, also known as Bashos. The waters of these two sources flow into the river of Chernetska.

Today Dubnenskoe sources are used to operate mills and factories nearby. Every year these places are visited by huge number of tourists, attracted by the beauty and richness of Dubnensky sources.