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The Ovech Fortress

Photos and description: the Ovech Fortress

The Ovech fortress is located in Bulgaria East of Provadia, 53 km West of Varna and 410 km East of Sofia. Historical sources imagine this place under various names. The oldest name is the Byzantine Provato, Bulgarian name - the sheep and the Turkish - Tash Hisar, which means "stone fortress".

Archaeological studies have shown that this strengthening was consistently used by the Byzantines, Thracians, Bulgarians, Romans and Turks in the third - early 7th centuries, and later in the period 10 - 11 until the end of the 17th century. Here was played the events associated with the Board 1277-1280 years of Tsar Ivaylo, with the campaign of 1366, count Amadeus VI of Savoy, and also with the campaign of the Polish-Hungarian king Vladislav III Jagiello (Varnenchik) in 1444.

For fortifications three entrances. Carved into the rocks stage on this day was preserved in the Eastern slope, which has reached our days in its original condition. This approach is convenient for visitors with private transport. The West entrance is on the side of the city. This spiral staircase of 111 steps. However, the main fortress was considered to be the Northern entrance associated through the 150-meter bridge from the nearby plateau Tabiita.

The most flourishing period of the fortress of sheep was 12 - 14 century. At this time the sheep was the economic, military, administrative and religious center of the region.

Tourists visiting the sheep, we advise to pay attention to the knight's prison, the Metropolitan Church, Kasperskie holes (monks hole), the tower with the Devil's path and the well 79-meter depth. Visiting the castle is possible all year long.