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Varna Dolphinarium

Photo and description: Varna Dolphinarium

Varna Dolphinarium was built in 1984 and is located in the Marine Park of Varna. Dolphins swim in the swimming pool dimensions are 12 to 15 meters, the depth of the pool is 6 meters. The water here is pure water layers of the Black sea, which previously passed through special filters.

It is worth noting that three of the dolphins-entertainers of the five were brought from the Caribbean. And another three later came to light already in the local pool. The youngest of aquatic mammals was born in 2008.

The guests of the Dolphinarium are encouraged to see an unusual show, whose protagonists - the dolphins. Smart and graceful animals to jump over obstacles and perform various aerial figures. A lot of unusual experiences provided not only for curious children and adults. At the end of the show, with the dolphins can be photographed.

The duration of the show is about 40 minutes, which included a variety of attractions: balancing, acrobatics, music and singing and playing and dancing with the audience.

Black dolphins in the Varna Dolphinarium to see, unfortunately, fail, as they cannot be used for entertainment purposes, and adventure - these dolphins are protected by zoologists.