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Evksinograd Palace

Photos and description of the Palace of Evksinograd

The construction of the Palace Euxinograd on the project of the German architect of the Lers began in 1861. The first name of the Palace was the main means of living - named after its founder, Alexander, but later the Palace became known as Balchik, according to the ancient Greek name of the Black sea ("Pontus Evksinski" "hospitable sea"). Over the years, the Palace was ruled by Prince Alexander Batenberg, Sakskoburgotski Ferdinand and his son Czar Boris III (until 1944).

Near the Palace is a beautiful Park, which dates back to 1890. His breakdown was brought here more than 50 thousand trees and fertile soil from the river mouth. Planted at the beautiful cedars and the palm trees still adorn the place. Park visitors can also see a small lake and the nearby bronze sculpture of Neptune. Most of these works were made by order of king Ferdinand and cost Bulgaria about half a million gold leva.

The Palace building itself is relatively small, which, however, only lends to it's charm and elegance. On the ground floor are reception rooms, music room and dining room on the second - bedrooms and recreation room on the third floor lived the servants. From the interior the most interesting antique furniture, made of walnut and mahogany and massive, you could even say giant chandeliers. Another interesting piece of furniture are antique sundial, a gift to the owners of the castle from Queen Victoria.

And finally, the last landmark of Balchik - the wine hut, where since 1891 and is still produced and stored the wine of excellent quality.