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Roman baths

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The Roman baths of Varna are one of the most valuable cultural monuments of the city. You can find them at the intersection of the Khan Krum and San Stefano. In 1968 they were declared an architectural-construction monument of national culture.

Public Thermae (antique baths) of Odessos represent the most well-preserved monument of Roman culture in Bulgaria and to date, are the object of the Varna archaeological Museum. These baths, with a size of 7,000 square meters, the largest in the entire territory of the Balkan Peninsula and the fourth largest in Europe. Was built in the late II century and was used until the end of the III century.

Baths include West and East lobbies, locker rooms, meeting rooms and sports facilities, separate rooms for pouring hot, warm and cold water, boiler, toilets and many other facilities. In design term used curious system of heating in which the cavity located under the floor, warm air is delivered to the roof of the building.

Visitors wishing to learn more about get acquainted with this architectural monument can order the services of a guide (it is necessary to contact the Archaeological Museum) or to purchase the guides in the shopping pavilion, located near the entrance to Thermae.