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Varna Opera house

Photo and description: Varna Opera theatre

Varna Opera house is an iconic building in the Empire style. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the city. The popularity of the Varna Opera can only be compared with St. Sophia, which still remains in first place in Bulgaria.

The official opening of the theatre in Varna was held on 1 August 1947. The first Director of the theater was Stefan Nikolaev, and as artistic Director were well-known Bulgarian tenor Peter Raichev. The troupe immediately set to work: the young Director Ruslan Raichev (with the assistance of choirmasters Mladenov and Manolova, artists Popov and misina) delivered the first production - the Opera smetana "the bartered bride". In the future, the theatre has included in its repertoire performances of various genres, covering a considerable part not only operas of the XVIII-XIX centuries, and modern authors.

In the process of expanding the creative boundaries and attract new audiences, the troupe of the Varna Opera theatre has added to the repertoire of operetta. Mostly, it was a classic staging of Offenbach, Strauss, Lehar. Also the creative team has been actively working on the productions of modern musicals and children's plays.

The troupe has participated in many pan-European theatrical and Opera festivals and competitions ("Summer of Varna", "Opera in the Theater under the open sky"). Tour of Varna Opera theatre has been a lot of: Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Greece, India, Romania, Egypt, Switzerland, Germany, Austria. Special prestige, the theater was used when Varna began to come on tour famous Opera singers (Nicolai Ghiaurov, Anna Tomov-Sintova, Maria Corelli, Nicola gyuzelev, Peter Glossop and others).

In 1999 the Varna Opera, by order of the Minister, was merged with Varna Philharmonic orchestra. Subsequently, these two state structures have to act as a single Institute of culture - Opera and Philharmonic Commonwealth of Varna.

Since 2010, Opera and Philharmonic, the Commonwealth combined with the dramatic theatre "Stoyan Bchvarov". The latter retains its name, but the combined earlier Opera and Philharmonic converted in the Varna state Opera.