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University Botanical garden "Ecopark"

Photo and description: University Botanical garden "Ecopark"

University Botanical garden, as it is called, "eco-Park" originated in the city of Varna in 1977 in the place where previously housed the nursery, and in may 2002 it was opened to visitors as the first in the country Park. It declared the territory under protection. The most important task of the Botanical garden is protection of diverse species of flora growing in their natural environment, and the most endangered species of plants.

This is the first eco Park in Bulgaria, which combines both natural and artificial ecosystems. Here, on an area of about 40 hectares grows more than 300 species of exotic plants - trees and shrubs, and herbaceous plants - over 100 species. In addition, there are more than 250 species of irises Botanical garden is famous for this rich collection. Visitors can see here rare plants growing around the world, such as the Maritime pine, gingko bilobate, the Tulip tree, the evergreen oak, sterculia, iron tree, paper tree, mammoth tree and others. In the Park there is the rose garden, where more than 30 species of roses.

In addition, for lovers of active holidays in this Botanical garden has an active Academic jockey club where you can take driving lessons at the arena. Experienced instructors offer their services. There is the possibility of free-riding for experienced riders and walks on the cab, convertible, painted the truck on a specially developed routes of the Botanical garden.

The jockey club every year arranges a national tournament on equestrian sport, played where the Cup of the University of St. Kliment Ohridski in Sofia, the tournament attracts a large number of elite riders and horses, as well as those involved in equestrian sport. Every year in March in Varna "eco-Park" is celebrated on the day of Todorov, we can say, the holiday horses with contests and competitions, carts with donkeys, rides, prizes for the most well-groomed and beautiful horses.

In the University Botanical garden is also a biological station; there are organised during summer internships and student practice, and even opened a "Green school", which invited students.

Visitors of "eco-Park" can obtain information about current and forthcoming events at the specialty center that is located at the entrance to the garden. In addition, there is the Botanical market, where people can buy seedlings of evergreen trees and shrubs, flowers, house and garden plants, and even various exotic species of flora.