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The Reserve Kamchia

Photos and description of the Reserve Kamchia

The reserve Kamchia located on the territory of Bulgaria along the lower course of Kamchia river, in the municipality of Avren and Dolni Chiflik. Kamchia is located 25 kilometers South of Varna close to the resorts of Kamchia and Shkorpilovtsi.

Reserve this area was declared on 29 June 1951. And in 1977, under the UNESCO program "Man and biosphere" Kamchia was joined to the world network of biosphere reserves. The purpose of this program is to preserve the most valuable ecosystems of the planet. The most valuable forests in the lower reaches of the river Kamchia.

The climate of the Kamchia nature reserve is temperate continental. The average humidity is high, about 75-80%. The average temperature is +1,2°C in January, +23°C in July. When the level of the river, riparian forests are often flooded.

The territory of the reserve was expanded in 1984, as a result, the area increased to 842,2 hectares of flood plains in the lower reaches of the river Kamchia.

In the reserve Kamchia plants 245 species. On the reserve there are endemic species in Bulgaria - core (Cardamine tuberoza). A protected river is inhabited by 39 fish species. Here you can meet amphibians such as the European pond turtle, Balkan tortoise, Mediterranean tortoise. 66% of the bird diversity of Bulgaria (258 species of birds) was in the area. The reserve is important breeding ground for rare birds such as black stork, hobby and lesser spotted eagle.