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Asparuhov Park

Photo and description: Asparuhov Park

October 8, 1934, the city authorities officially supported the idea of Karel Shkorpil, Director of the Archaeological Museum of Varna, to transform a vacant area near Asparukhovo the shaft to the Park, and on the top of the shaft to install two monuments: the first one dedicated to the soldiers, the second - bust of Khan Asparuh.

Work under the direction of the mayor Stančo Stanev on the landscaping began in November of the same year. To them, soon joined by many residents, including students, soldiers, representatives of sports clubs and others. Responsibility for landscaping of the new Park was assigned to Atanas Savov, an outstanding authority in this field.

As a result of works of 1934-1935 was equipped intended for walks and rest of the alley, along which planted acacia, poplar and other vegetation. In the beginning of 1935 at the entrance to the Park opened the gate, a hundred meters from them, at the foot of the shaft, put a pedestal with a bust of Khan Asparuh. On top of a hill set an impressive size Asparuhovo figure of a warrior in battle dress, with weapons in one hand and a shield in the other. The author of both works became Varna sculptor Kiril Georgiev. The pedestal set column, found by the brothers Shkorpil in the excavations in 1914.

Grand opening of the Park took place on 3 August 1935. Very soon he gained popularity among locals. Today the Asparuhov Park is a great place for leisure, recreation and walks. Along the paved paths there are benches. In the dark in the Park when the illumination is.