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The Varna aquarium

Photo and description: Varna aquarium

The Varna aquarium is an integral part of the Institute of aquaculture and fisheries. The building itself was built on the idea of king Ferdinand in 1912. The architectural design attracts the attention of the original main facade of the building, which is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting the inhabitants of the underwater world.

The aquarium opened for visitors was in 1932.

The Central hall of the aquarium has an impressive collection of sea and river inhabitants, each of which is represented in natural conditions. Several neighboring rooms combine exposure, representing flora, fauna, and the specific characteristics of the Black sea in particular, and other seas belonging to the ocean.

Two halls present the prepared representatives of the underwater world, where you can find information on livelihoods and migration of fish, the characteristics of the region of the black sea coast.

In addition, the Varna aquarium can be considered various types of shells, seaweed, mussels and microorganisms.

If the aquarium has a library containing over 30 thousand specialized and scientific publications, periodicals, textbooks that are dedicated hydrochemistry, marine biology, Oceanography, fisheries, ichthyology, akvaristika and the fishing industry as a whole.

The Varna aquarium allows you to observe the behavior of the interesting inhabitants of the Black sea. You can see not only different species, but also of many mysterious inhabitants of the seabed-octopus, shellfish and jellyfish.