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The Cape Galata

Photos and description of the Cape Galata

The Cape Galata is one of the main attractions and symbols of Varna. It is located in a picturesque place in the North-Eastern corner of the Avren plateau, about four kilometers away from the Varna lake, on the shore of the Black sea. The Cape is located near Galata, the beaches of Fichoza and Pasha Dere. It is surrounded with deciduous forest and fields, the bottom is clean, sometimes rocky beach.

Galata is famous for its lighthouse, which is one of the main navigational facilities on the Bulgarian coast. The first lighthouse at the Cape was commissioned August 15, 1863. In 1912, a hundred meters from the old lighthouse, the new one was built. A vessel safely entered the port by the light of his flashlight. In 2001, near the second lighthouse, which was suspended because of the risk of landslides, elevated third, modern, with a height of 22 meters and is equipped with an Elevator. Since 1968 next to the lighthouse is adjacent to the panoramic restaurant "Galatea". Everyone who has visited it will agree that this place is one of the most romantic, besides, there is a splendid view on the beaches of Varna and the sea.

The name of the Cape is associated with an ancient legend of Galatea in the lovely Galatea fell in love with the Cyclops Polyphemus, but she rejected his love, because he was in love with a young Aqeedah. Enraged Polyphemus trapped the lovers, torn from the mountain, a piece of rock and crushed her opponent. The blood of his beloved, which flowed from beneath the rock that Galatea turned into a river.

The Cape Galata is a wonderful place for those who seek privacy in quiet and natural area.