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National Park Riem

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National Park Riem is located in the South-East in Sihanoukville province, bordering the Gulf of Thailand. The reserve total area - 210 sq km, three quarters of which are ground lands, the rest occupied by the sea.

The landscape of the Park is mountainous with many ecosystems, including mangrove forests, freshwater wetlands, land seaweed, evergreen forests, beaches, coral reefs, rivers and Islands. The Park shares a freshwater river prek teuk by SAP flowing into the ocean.

Western lands of the National Park Riem represent two hills separated by a watercourse.-Campus. Phnom, Mallow (277 m) is the highest point in the reserve, height of the second vertex is 196 meters. Between the hills and the river mouth is a narrow discontinuous belt of wetlands, and a thin strip of mangroves. The Eastern part of the Park is Koh Thmei and Koh SEH.

The reserve was created in 1993 when the Cambodian government took measures to protect the country's natural resources under threat.
In the Park Riem discovered and was the monkeys-the monkeys, dugongs, turtles, dolphins, pelicans and several other rare animal species. The vegetation is a low-lying evergreen forests, melaminovye and mangroves. Despite the status of protected area, national Park, home to almost 30 thousand people on the territory of the reserve is 13 villages.

For tourists developed by walking, bus and motorcycle tours in the national Park. It offers boating on the river through thickets of mangroves, there are two hotels on the beach and many cafes, specialising in seafood.