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Wat Phnom

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Wat Phnom - bugielski "Temple Mountain" that rises over Phnom Penh on 27 meters, was built on top of a city hill, overgrown with greenery. Legend has it that the first religious building on this spot was built in 1373 to accommodate four statues of the Buddha washed up by the waters of the Mekong river and found a Lady Pen.

To the main entrance to Wat Phnom leads the pompous staircase, guarded by lions and Nagas on both sides of the balustrade. Vihara (temple sanctuary) was reconstructed several times in the middle of the 15th century, the beginning and the end of the 19th, the last time in 1926. To the West of Vihara thatluang stupa with the remains of the monarch Ponhea YATA (1405-67.). Between Viceroy and a stupa is a statue of a smiling Lady Pins installed in the pavilion on the South side of the tracks.

Both sides of the aisle to the Central altar statues guard the spirits of the sentinels with metal bits. Inside the main altar is a large bronze statue of a seated Buddha surrounded by sculptures, flowers, candles and tributes. The walls are covered with paintings, the main story - stories Jataka tales of the early reincarnations of the Buddha before he became enlightened. There are also frescoes depicting the history of the "Ranchera" - the Khmer version of the Ramayana. In the cell to the right of the statue are the figures of Chinese sages Thang Cheng and Thanh Tae.

In the North-West corner of the property, down from Vihara, is a small Museum with some old statues and historical artifacts. There you can see the bizarre sanctuary Genie Preau Chau, who is especially revered by the Vietnamese.

Local residents come to Wat Phnom to ask for good luck, protection and success in school exams or business and if the desire is to bring the promised donation, for example, garlands of flowers or branches of bananas.