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Rolous group

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Surrounded by tropical greenery, a small Cambodian town and an archaeological object, located 13 km East of Siem reap. Once it was the residence of Hariharalaya, and the first capital of Khmer Empire North of Tonlesap.

Rolous group - the earliest permanent structures built by Khmer. Buildings designed in the typical architectural style of the Khmer civilization the initial period. A separate building was built entirely of brick, in the construction of other to some extent used laterite or Sandstone.

Currently, archaeological reserve consists of three main temples: Bakong, Lolei and Preah Ko, and a small Prasat prey Monti. Bakong, was the capital of Hariharalaya, a temple-mountain representing the cosmic mount Meru and the five levels of life. The center of the temple of Preah Ko - a group of six towers set in two rows on the common terrace. It is surrounded by double square wall; the first has a length of 60 m on each side, the second is 95 m. the building has several entrances, library and other facilities. The temple of Lolei is an island in the middle of an artificial lake. To our days have survived in very poor condition two tiered pyramid and four of the six towers. In the center is a channel Sandstone in the shape of a cross, which flowed Holy water.

On-site surrounded by tropical greenery retains ornate bas-reliefs depicting traditional religious subjects, a few statues of lions and Nagas, as well as a significant fragment of a statue of an elephant. Behind the temple complex is looked after by the monks.