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National Museum of Cambodia

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Located to the North of the Royal Palace, the national Museum of Cambodia is housed in a stylish terracotta building of traditional design, built in 1917-1920, In the courtyard and a beautiful garden.

The Museum is a storehouse of the world's finest collections of Khmer sculpture and art objects Dating back millennia. The exhibits are arranged from left to right in chronological order. The first significant sculpture to greet visitors is a large fragment of bronze statues of Vishnu with an intact head, shoulders and two right arms. The sculpture was delivered from the Western Mebon temple near Angkor Wat in 1936.

In the South pavilion are priangarskaya collection, illustrating the transition from the human form of Indian sculpture to the divine form of Khmer sculpture V-VIII centuries. the Main samples that attract attention vosmerka impressive statue of Vishnu VI century found at Phnom Da, and sculpture Harihara, combining the attributes of Shiva and Vishnu, products from the province of Kampong Tom.

Collection of the Angkor period includes several striking statues of Shiva IX-XI centuries, a couple of giant monkeys (Koh ker, X century), the beautiful stele of the XII century from the province of Oddar-Meanchey, on which were depicted scenes from the life of Shiva, a statue sitting in meditation pose Jayavarman VII with her head bowed (1181-1219, Angkor Tom).

The Museum also presents exhibits of ceramics and bronzes belonging to predacorten periods of Funan and Chenla (IV-IX centuries) Underwaremassage period (IX-X centuries) and the classical Angkor period (X-XIV centuries), as well as the beautiful wooden Royal barge.

Collection remove are not allowed to photograph only a Central courtyard. Tours are conducted by guides speaking English, French or Japanese at the front Desk you can arrange a themed booklets.