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Wat Botum, or the Temple of Lotus Flowers, located on the street Ochan Suor Srun and is a large complex of several separate buildings, including stupas and school. The building is located on the West side of the Park with the same name, South of the Royal Palace.

Built on the orders of king Ponhea YATA in 1442, Wat Botum is one of the most important and original pagodas in Phnom Penh. The temple was originally named Wat Jpop TA Yang or Wat Taung, but in the construction of the Royal Palace in 1865 the ruler Norodom baht donated the pagoda to the head of the sect Dhamaal. Wat was renamed Botum Vatey, which means "Pagoda Lotus pond" because in this place there was a pond with flowers.

On site in containers for hundreds of years buried the highest city dignitaries, monks and politicians. Pagoda and monastery in its present form was created in 1937, in the 70-ies of the 20th century the Church was closed by the Khmer Rouge, but not destroyed. Since 1979, the pagoda was reopened and in use.

On the outside of Vihara there are several remarkable statues. The left of the main entrance is a large stupa, which is guarded by green giants with daggers in their teeth and ferocious snake-Naga. For Viceroy you can see images of tigers and lions. Inside the temple are decorated with typical scenes from the life of Buddha.