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Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal

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Notre Dame Basilica de Montreal is a luxurious Basilica in Montreal. Impressive building located in the heart of Old Montreal on Notre Dame street and is one of the main attractions of the city.

In 1657 in Ville-Marie, as it was then called Montreal, settled Catholic community, sulpician. They founded the parish, and then built his parish Church and consecrated it in honor of the blessed virgin.

In the early 19th century, it became clear that the old Church is no longer able to accommodate all of the parishioners and there was a question about the construction of a new Church. So, near the old and rather dilapidated Church, 17th century construction began on a new Church. The Notre Dame Church was built in neo-Gothic style by the project of new York architect Irish James O'donnell. The cornerstone was laid on 1 September 1824 and by 1830 the main construction work was completed. In the summer of 1830 the old Church was demolished.

The famous 70-metre-long twin towers, designed by architect John Ostella, was built a little later. West tower, called "Perseverance", was erected in 1841, work on the Eastern tower, known as "Restraint", was finished in 1843. In the Western tower has a huge bell, weighing 11 tons, and in the Eastern tower there is a Carillon with 10 bells. The chapel of the Notre-Dame-de-Sacre-Coeur was built at all in 1891 (although in 1978 she was thoroughly damaged by fire and was rebuilt only in 1982). Notre-Dame-de-Montreal - has become the largest religious edifice in North America, retaining that status not for another decade.

The interior of the Basilica impresses with its scale and riot of colors - deep blue dome studded with Golden stars, the stained glass Windows depicting biblical scenes, carved wooden altar, the incredible beauty of the frescoes and the impressive pulpit with a spiral staircase. The Basilica is famous for its magnificent organ, created by the famous canadian company Casavant Frères in 1891, with 7000 pipes.

In 1982, during a visit to the city of Pope John Paul II, the Church was granted the status of "Basilica". In 1989, Notre Dame Basilica de Montreal is a National historic site of Canada.