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The Château Frontenac

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Chateau Frontenac or Frontenac castle (official name is the Fairmont Le château Frontenac), a luxury Grand hotel in Quebec city. The hotel is situated in the historic centre of Quebec on Cape Diamond, near Quebec Citadel, and offers visitors spectacular views of the St. Lawrence river and the Old town. This is one of the main architectural attractions and business card design Quebec, and also one of the most photographed hotels in the world.

The château Frontenac was one of the first hotels built in the elegant style of the "Chateau" built for the Canadian Pacific railway in the late 19th - early 20th century. The first stage of construction works by the famous American architect Bruce price, was completed by 1893 and the hotel officially opened its doors to the public. In 1894, it was built another wing, new buildings were also erected in 1908-1909 and 1913. Wing of St. Louis and the Central tower was built in 1920-1924 by canadian architect William Sutherland Maxwell. In 1926, the hotel was seriously damaged as a result of a strong fire, but very quickly was restored. In 1993 was built a wing of the Claude-Pratte with a stunning outdoor terrace, a fitness centre and an indoor pool.

The name of the château Frontenac was named in honor of French military leader and Governor of New France, who lived in the late 17th century, Louis de Byad de Frontenac count Frontenac and Palluau.

During the Second world war the château Frontenac became the venue of the famous Quebec conferences (1943 and 1944) and in 1953 - one of the filming sites of the movie "I confess" by the world famous American and British film Director Alfred Hitchcock.

In 1981, the château Frontenac National historic site of Canada.