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The beautiful neo-Gothic castle, Casa Loma is one of the most interesting sights of Toronto, annually attracts huge number of tourists. The castle was built in the early twentieth century and is today open to the public.

In 1903, renowned canadian financier sir Henry Pellatt, which is more than sufficient funds to build the home of your dreams, acquired near the centre of Toronto land with the poetic name "Casa Loma", which translated from Spanish means "house on the hill." The project of the mansion was designed by talented canadian architect Edward Lennox, he was in charge of and construction works.

Construction began in 1911. It took three years and about $ 3.5 million below the main work was mostly completed (some work in connection with the beginning of the First world war still had to stop). Huge, striking as the splendor of the external decoration and internal decoration of the mansion with 98 rooms, with an area of over 6,000 square meters, became the largest and most expensive private house of the time in Canada.

After the outbreak of the First world war, the crisis thoroughly shaken and financial stability Henry Pellat and in 1923 he was forced to sell Casa Loma. In 1925, under the direction of architect William Sparling, the mansion was converted into a luxury hotel. Later, the Casa Loma was home to the elite nightclub, and in 1933, due to the fact that the amount of unpaid taxes for the house exceeded $ 27,000, Casa Loma became the property of the city. The city authorities long time could not decide how most advantageous to dispose of this luxurious building, which was quite a burden for the city budget. Seriously, there was a proposal to demolish the building. Since 1937, Casa Loma was used as a tourist attraction.