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House Lady Meredith (also known as the residence Ardvarna) is one of the most famous architectural landmarks of the city of Montreal. The house is located in the heart of Golden Square Mile and is currently the property of McGill University.

The land where today is the house of Lady Meredith, was once part of the estate owned by the famous businessman and founding member of the Northwest trading company Simon MacTavish. In 1860, his heirs divided the land into several parcels and put up for sale. One of these parcels was acquired by the shipowner and financier Andrew Allan and built a house which was subsequently demolished. In 1888, Andrew Allan donated a piece of his youngest daughter Isabella Brand, on the occasion of her marriage with grey Vincent Meredith. It is on the order of spouses Meredith in 1894 - 1897 at pine Avenue and have built a magnificent mansion known today as the Home of Lady Meredith.

House Lady Meredith built by the famous architect brothers Edward and William Sutherland Maxwell and is a wonderful example of the elegant style of the Renaissance Queen Anne, while having a number of features characteristic of Richardsonian Romanesque. The same garden surrounding the house was laid out under the direction of landscape designers Olmsted & Eliot.

In 1941, lady Meredith gave land and house to the custody of the Hospital of Queen Victoria, and for many years it was used as housing for the medical staff of the hospital. In 1975 the house was purchased by McGill University, but also for a long time it was still located apartment to the hospital. In 1990, the house established the Centre for medicine, ethics and law, McGill University.

In 1990, the house Lady Meredith received the status of a National historic site of Canada.