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Despite much controversy, the birthplace of modern ice hockey still traditionally considered to be Canada. Today hockey is the national game of Canada, and its popularity knows no bounds. To learn about the history of hockey you will be able to visit the world famous hockey Hall of fame is located in Toronto on Yonge street, 30.

The initiative to create the hockey Hall of fame belonged to the former President of "the Canadian Amateur hockey Association" James Thomas Sutherland. A native of Kingston, Sutherland believed your hometown real birthplace of hockey and insisted that Kingston should become the home of the future hockey Hall of fame. In 1943 between the NHL and the "Canadian Amateur hockey Association" reached an agreement of intent to create a Hall of fame in Kingston, and in September 1943 was officially registered non-profit charitable organization under the name "international hockey hall of fame".

Fundraising for construction of own buildings lasted for many years, and by 1958 "the international hockey hall of fame" and has not acquired its own premises in Kingston. As a result, NHL President Clarence Campbell and the leadership of the Canadian National Exhibition, it was decided to open a New hall of fame in Toronto. The temporary exhibition, which was presented in August 1958, is located in the sports Hall of fame of Canada in the territory of the Exhibition centre. The exhibition was a huge success, and the NHL agreed to pay for the construction of a new building on the territory of the same Exhibition centre. Finally, on 26 August 1961 was inaugurated the first permanent exhibition hockey Hall of fame.

Over time, there was a question on purchase of the new building as the exhibition area of the old Hall of fame was no longer able to accommodate thoroughly increased over the decades collection. So, on 18 June 1993 in the former Bank of Montreal at Yonge street (today it is part of the office center Brookfield place) opened the New hockey Hall of fame.

Hockey hall of fame is both a hall of fame and Museum, which beautifully illustrates the history of the development of both the canadian and European hockey. You will see here hockey equipment and gear, portraits and biographical information about each honorary member of the Hall of fame, memorial signs, trophies and more. The most famous and valuable item is undoubtedly legendary Stanley Cup, to see which is the dream of every true fan of hockey.