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The Island Of Notre Dame

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The island of Notre Dame is one of the Islands of the archipelago of Osega. The island is located on the St. Lawrence river and only a narrow Strait separates it from St. Helena, with whom he forms the Park Jean Drapeau. Administratively the island is part of Montreal city.

The Isle of Notre-Dame was artificially created specially for the world exhibition Expo 67, to which had the honour of Montreal. The creation of the island took only ten months and 15 million tons of rock. In the past since its inception decades, the island of Notre Dame has undergone fairly major changes. In 1975, during the preparation of the Montreal summer Olympics of 1976, most built for Expo 67 pavilions were demolished. Especially for competitions in such sports as rowing and kayaking and Canoeing were built huge artificial lake, which today is one of the largest artificial rowing basins in North America. In 1986, on the island of Notre Dame hosted the world Cup in rowing and Canoeing.

In 1978 on the Isle of Notre Dame was opened by one of the best racetracks of Canada, later called "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve". It is here that annually hosts Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada.

Landscaping and beautification of the island was greatly accelerated in 1980 when Notre Dame became the site of an international garden exhibition "Floralies Internationales". Gardens of the Notre Dame cover an area of over 25 hectares and are open to the public. A specially-created special microclimate allows us to grow a number of plants are very specific for this area.

Today, the island Notre Dame is one of the most popular places for residents of Montreal. On the Western tip of the island there is a small lake where in summer you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to play beach volleyball and jet ski rental. The most popular island is also among fans of Cycling, and in winter - the fans of figure skating and skiing.

Isle Notre-Dame and is home to the famous casino de Montreal is the largest casino in Canada and one of the largest gambling establishments in the world.