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The Vancouver aquarium

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The Vancouver aquarium (officially called the Vancouver aquarium marine science centre) is located on the territory of Stanley Park and is one of the most popular and exciting attractions in Vancouver. The Vancouver aquarium is also one of the world's largest centres for marine research, conservation and rehabilitation of marine life.

The Vancouver Public Aquarium Association was founded in 1951 by professors from the University of British Columbia - Murray Newman, Carl Litre and Wilbert Clemens. Thanks to the financial support of the canadian philanthropists Mac Millan and George Cunningham, the Federal government of Canada and the government of the city of Vancouver and the province of British Columbia in June 1956, the Vancouver aquarium opened its doors, becoming the first public aquarium in Canada.

During his more than half-century history of the Vancouver aquarium has dramatically changed, keeping pace with the times. He greatly expanded its limits - from a small centre with total area of 830 m2 it turned into a huge ultra-modern complex covering 9000 square meters with a variety of galleries (including the outdoor pools), developed taking into account all the peculiarities of their inhabitants, in order to provide them with as comfortable as possible approached to the natural environment.

Today Wankowski aquarium is home to almost 300 species of fish, about 30,000 invertebrates, 56 species of amphibians and reptiles and about 60 species of mammals and birds is the Pacific dolphins, sea otters, and pigs, seals, Beluga whale, blacktip reef shark, Northern fur seals, African penguins, octopuses, sea stars and urchins, turtles, snakes, frogs and many other creatures.

There is the Vancouver aquarium and 4D theatre, a Playground, and specially-equipped classrooms and laboratories where classes are entertaining with children of school age.