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Citadelle of Quebec

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Quebec the fortress, or Citadel, the famous fortifications in the shape of a star on Cape Diamant in Quebec city. The castle is part of the fortifications of the Old city, and is recognized as historical and architectural monument of Canada. In addition, fortress has the status of an active military base and is the official residence of the monarch and the Governor General of Canada.

On the important strategic value of the Cape Diaman in the beginning of the 17th century was the founder of Quebec the French Explorer and hydrographer Samuel de Champlain. However, the first fortifications were built here only in 1690, by the decree of the Governor-General of New France Louis de Buade de Frontenac.

The battle between the British and French troops, held in October 1690 and known as the "Battle of Quebec", showed the need for more thorough construction of protective structures. Some fortifications were built after only three years on the project, Jose was Booberella. The project, designed by the military engineer Jacques Levasseur de Nere approved and in 1701 the General Commissioner of the fortifications of Louis XIV, Sebastien de Vauban, was partially implemented only after the fall of the fortress of Louisbourg in 1745, under the leadership of Gaspard-Joseph de Lery Cheegro. Resumed the construction of fortresses by the end of the 18th century in the framework of strengthening the British for their colonies. Finally, the construction of the fortress as we see it today was completed in 1850.

After 1871, the British left the Citadelle of Quebec, and here was established the Royal canadian artillery and was opened artillery school. Since 1920, the Citadel became the home of the Royal 22nd regiment of the Canadian armed forces.

In 1943 and 1944 in the walls of the Citadel were conducted by so-called Quebec conference, which discussed the strategy of the Second world war, and worked out the text of the Declaration on the establishment of an international United Nations.

In 1981, the Citadelle of Quebec is a national historic site of Canada.