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Among the most interesting attractions of Ottawa, special attention deserve the national gallery of Canada is one of the leading art museums in the country.

The national gallery was founded in 1880 by the Governor General John Douglas Sutherland Campbell. At various times, the house gallery was located on Parliament hill, the Supreme court building, the Memorial Museum of Victoria (now the Canadian Museum of nature), nondescript office building on Elgin street, and only in 1988 the gallery moved to Sussex drive, where is located today.

National gallery of Canada owns an extensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. The exhibition presents a very impressive collection of works by renowned European and American artists, but most of the collection is still the work of the canadian artists, including Tom Thomson, Emily Carr, Alex Colville, Jean-Paul Riopelle, as well as the works of landscape painters from the so-called "Group of seven". The gallery owns a significant collection of contemporary works of art, among them works by the talented American artist Andy Warhol. In National gallery you will get acquainted with the works of such outstanding masters as Rembrandt, Bernini, Pissarro, Rubens, Picasso, Cezanne, van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Chagall, Dali, etc.

Of particular interest is certainly the interior of the chapel to Rideau street. The chapel was part of the monastery of the virgin of the sacred heart, but in 1972 it was dismantled, subsequently restoring its interior in one of the halls of the National gallery of Canada. Individual attention is also a bust of Pope urban VIII, the work of the incomparable Lorenzo Bernini, the work of Italian Renaissance artist Francesco Salviati, and one of the most famous works of Anglo-American artist Benjamin West "Death of General wolf". It's worth paying attention to the "Voice of fire" by Barnett Newman, the acquisition of which in 1990 for $ 1.8 million caused a lot of controversy.

Near the main entrance to the gallery stands a huge nine-meter bronze sculpture of a spider "Mother". This is one of the most famous works of American sculpture Louise Bourgeois from the "Spiders".