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The town hall, or Montreal city Hall, - city hall. Town hall located in the historic centre of Monreale, in the street Notre-Dame, between place Jacques Cartier and the Champ de Mars Park (nearest metro station - Champ de Mars).

The original town hall building had four floors and was built between 1872 and 1878 years by the architects Henri-Marisa Perrault and Alexander Cowper Hutchison. The building was erected in is very popular in the second half of the 19th century architectural style known as "second Empire style" or "second Empire." In 1922, as a result of severe fire, the building of the town hall was thoroughly corrupt. From the old buildings remained only the exterior walls. During the restoration work, led by the architect Louis Parant, the remaining interior walls were solid steel construction, and added another floor. A new attic floor was built in the eclectic Beaux arts. Copper roof replaced the old roof covered shale slabs. All this has changed the General view of the hall, retaining, however, the overall style.

Today the town Hall is one of the main and most popular tourist attractions of Old Montreal, annually attracts huge number of tourists. In the "Hall of fame" hall regularly held various temporary exhibitions. Particularly impressive the building looks at night when the lights turn on.

In 1967 an official visit to Canada, visited the French President Charles de Gaulle. It is from the balcony of Montreal city hall French President and said subsequently subjected to the criticism of his famous speech "long live free Quebec!"

In 1984 the town hall building was assigned the status of National monument of Canada.