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Montreal Botanical garden

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Among the many interesting attractions in the canadian city of Montreal special attention deserve the Botanical garden - one of the best Botanical gardens in the world. It is close to the Olympic stadium in the Park Maisonneuve.

The initiator of the Montreal Botanical garden was a talented canadian botanist Joseph Louis Conrad Marie-Victorin, which took a year to persuade the city authorities to this project. The garden was founded in 1931 in the midst of the great depression, the mayor of Montreal Udom Kamienna. The breakdown of the Botanical garden was made by famous landscape architect Henry Teacher, administrative building in the style of art Deco was designed by Lucien Kerouac project. In 1936, the Botanical garden was opened to the General public.

Today the Botanical garden of Montreal is 75 hectares of thematic gardens and greenhouses where a variety of plants from all over the world (more than 22,000 species and varieties). There is also a research centre.

A real gem of the Botanical garden is the Chinese garden is one of the largest Chinese gardens outside of China. It was established in 1990-1991 by experts from the Shanghai Institute of landscape design and architecture and is a typical Chinese garden of the Ming dynasty. In the pavilion located in the garden you can enjoy such Chinese arts as bonsai and pantsin.

Of particular interest is the Japanese garden created in 1988 by Ken Nakajima. In addition to exploring interesting plants, Japanese garden offers its guests to visit the famous tea ceremony (in summer), and meet with such traditional arts as iaido and ikebana.

In the garden of the First Nations to grow endemic species of the province of Quebec and other North American regions - maple, birch, pine trees, various medicinal plants and plants used as food by indigenous peoples. Special flavor to this garden give native American totem poles and exhibits, perfectly illustrates traditional art and methods of construction of the first peoples. However, it is less interesting Alpine garden, Rose garden, English garden, Garden of rhododendrons and azaleas, a Garden of poisonous plants, arboretum, Flower Creek, and more. Botanical garden of Montreal also is home to some of the local wildlife like squirrels, ducks, turtles and herons.

At the entrance to the Rose garden you will see a huge bronze statue of the lion work of Rene Gardela. This lion in 1992 was donated to the French city of Lyon in honor of the 350th anniversary of Montreal.

In 2008, the Botanical garden of Montreal has received the status of National historic site of Canada.