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Boldinskaya stairs

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Boldinskaya stairs public stairs in Toronto. This is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, including through its mention in the famous comic book series "Scott pilgrim" and its subsequent film adaptation of Edgar Wright's "Scott pilgrim vs. the world" (2010). Its name Boldinskaya the staircase was named after a canadian lawyer and politician Robert Baldwin, whose family previously owned the lands.

Boldinskaya staircase begins at the intersection of Davenport road and Spadina road and climbs to the top of a steep hill - the terrace of the ancient lake Iroquois, which existed here at the end of the last ice age approximately 12,000 years ago (at that time the territory of modern Toronto below Davenport road was under water). Actually, this staircase actually connects the two sections of Spadina road to pave the way directly due to the topography and nature of the rocks was very difficult. The road as a result started up a detour of the hill, and for pedestrians built a wooden staircase by which the inhabitants of the city could significantly cut your way. By 1913 the old wooden stairs were in disrepair and replaced it with a new concrete structure.

In the 1960-ies Boldinskaya ladder was under threat of demolition, as it was planned to build high-speed tunnel as part of the Spadina Expressway. However, the draft was strongly criticized by the public and was never implemented. In 1987 a large-scale reconstruction Boldinskoi the stairs.

Breaking 110 steps Boldinskoi stairs, you will be able to fully enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the city, then visit the nearby local attractions - the Mansion Spadina and Castle "Casa Loma".