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The Montreal insectarium

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Among the many attractions of Montreal special attention deserve the Insectarium. It is located in the Park Maisonneuve. It is the largest insectarium in North America and one of the best insectariums the world.

History of the Montreal insectarium began in 1989, when the famous canadian entomologist Georges Brossard appealed to the city authorities of Montreal the initiative to open the city's insectarium. As the basis for future exposure Brossard offered his own impressive entomological collection, numbering at that time already thousands of samples. 7 February 1990, the Montreal insectarium opened its doors to the General public.

Today the Montreal insectarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions, annually attracts more than 400,000 visitors. His collection is vast and varied and offers visitors to get acquainted with the world's diversity of arthropods (mainly insects). Just a collection of insectarium presents more than 250000 various types of arthropods, including about 100 living species are butterflies, spiders, ants, beetles, cicadas, wasps, bees, Scorpions, tarantulas, etc. Here you can observe intense activity of ants to try to find in the vivarium stick insects among a pile of twigs, listen to the cicadas, admire the incredible beauty of butterflies a variety of colors and more. A visit to the Montreal insectarium will be interesting to both adults and children for whom it provides entertaining educational and entertainment programs.