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The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec

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The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-québec, or of the blessed virgin Mary of Quebec, the Roman Catholic Cathedral in the historic centre of Quebec city on Rue de Boid. This is one of the oldest Catholic churches of Canada and the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Quebec.

In 1647 on the site of the present Cathedral was built the first parish Church, which became in a short time the Cathedral of the diocese of Quebec. Like many Catholic churches, over its long history, the original structure has undergone several major changes.

In 1759 the Cathedral was completely destroyed during the siege of Quebec. The building was restored based on the plans of Gaspard-Joseph Leroux, who worked on the reconstruction of the building in 1744-1749 years and have made a number of significant changes to its architectural appearance. The work was directed by Jean Baillarge, he designed the new Cathedral tower. Also Jean Baillarge together with his son Francois in 1786-1822 years was engaged in the development and design of a luxurious interior of the Cathedral.

In 1843, already a son, françois, Thomas, suggested a reconstruction of the facade in the image and likeness of the Parisian Church of Sainte Genevieve. The idea was approved and implemented, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec became one of the best examples of neoclassical style in Quebec. In 1922 the building of the Cathedral was severely damaged by heavy fire, but a year later the temple was restored under the guidance of architects Maxim Rosina and Raul Chenevert.

In 1874, by decree of Pope Pius IX to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, received the status of a minor Basilica, and in 1989 - a National historic site of Canada.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Quebec is the resting place of four governors of New France and bishops of Quebec, including the first Bishop of Quebec, françois de Laval.