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Rideau Falls

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Among the many attractions of the city of Ottawa special attention, of course, deserve and Rideau falls - two beautiful waterfalls-the twin, located at the confluence of the Rideau river to the Ottawa river, near the Old city hall. In the relative vicinity of the falls are also the headquarters of the National research Council, the building, which until 2005 housed the Museum - "the Pavilion of Canada and the world" and the French Embassy. Between the waterfalls on the so-called Green island.

The name of the waterfalls gave at the beginning of the 17th century the famous French Explorer and hydrographer, as well as the founder and first Governor of the French settlements in Canada, Samuel de Champlain. First to see waterfalls, Champlain compared them to the curtain, which in French sounds like "Rideau" (rideau). This name stuck behind the falls, and later was also named a river, a canal and a number of other facilities in Ottawa.

You will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the Rideau falls, visiting the excellent viewing platforms in the Park "Rideau Falls", located on Sussex Drive, just a short walk from Rideau Hall. Close-up to admire the waterfalls, you can take an entertaining boat trip on the tour boat.

Particularly impressive are the Rideau falls in winter. The water flow rate is quite small and in the winter the waterfalls freeze completely, thus forming the original ice sculptures of different shapes.

Today, the Rideau falls is one of the most popular attractions of Canada's capital.