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The canadian Museum of civilization

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The canadian Museum of civilization the Canadian Museum of history, national Museum of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec.

History of the Museum began, in fact, back in 1856 with a small showroom in Montreal, open to show the wider public the unique collections of various minerals, biological specimens, historical and ethnological artifacts and other exhibits, which were collected Geological survey of Canada. In 1881, the exposition moved to Ottawa, and in 1910 located in the heart of the canadian capital - the building known as the Victoria memorial, and was called the national Museum of Canada. In 1968, the Museum was split into the Museum of nature and Museum of man. In 1982 a decision was made on the construction of the Museum of man, a new separate building in Halle - the oldest district of the city of Gatineau (until 2002, hull was an independent administrative unit), and in 1986 the Museum was renamed the "Canadian Museum of civilization". In 1989, the Museum finally moved into its own new building. The name "Canadian Museum of history" the institution received in 2013.

The permanent exhibition is presented in three main galleries - the "Grand Hall", "Hall of indigenous peoples" and "Canada Hall" and details introduces its guests to the history of culture, everyday life of native peoples of Canada, starting with prehistoric times and also period the country's history from the time of European colonization to the present time. The exhibition "face to Face" talk about famous canadian artists, writers, entrepreneurs, scientists, military and political figures. The Museum's collection includes more than 1 million items and covers a huge period of time in 20,000 years.

The canadian Museum of civilization is a major research institution and owns an extensive library and unique archives. The Museum is also home to the Canadian children's Museum, where in a playful way little explorers will be able to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of our planet.

Despite the fact that geographically, the Museum is in Gatineau, it is traditionally included in the system of museums of Ottawa and you can visit, including at the family Museum ticket, which entitles you to visit during the week nine museums of Ottawa.