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Place Jacques Cartier

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Located in the heart of Old Montreal just a few minutes ' walk from the old port, place Jacques Cartier is one of the favorite places of city residents and its guests.

In 1723 on the site of today's square especially for the incumbent Governor of New France Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil (Vaudreuil) was built a luxurious mansion and beautiful gardens. In honor of its first owner of the manor and was called Chateau Vaudreuil and later served as the residence of all the French governors, and after the British conquest in the Chateau housed a College for boys.

In 1803, the fire, the château Vaudreuil was completely destroyed, and this land, it was decided to give a public area and post here the city's main market - New Market Place. On the square are lined up shopping arcades, and surrounded by square stone buildings there are hotels, workshops and shops. In 1809 the area was the memorial - Nelson's Column, the memory of the great British naval commander Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson who was killed during the legendary battle of Trafalgar, which played a crucial role in the confrontation between Britain and France during the Napoleonic wars. Its current name the area was in 1847 in honour of the famous French sailor marked the beginning of the colonization of North America - Jacques Cartier.

In the middle of the 19th century in Montreal was opened marché Bonsecours, which became the main marketplace of the city. Square Jacques Cartier over time, cleaned stalls, although until 1950-ies twice a week here still held a visiting fair.

Today place Jacques Cartier is a popular tourist center with many hotels and cosy restaurants, traditional souvenir shops and, of course, street artists who for a very reasonable fee to make your portrait. In summer, place Jacques Cartier is a completely pedestrian area.