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The art gallery of Ontario

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The art gallery of Ontario - a magnificent art gallery in Toronto, Canada. The gallery is located in the heart of Toronto in the area of Grange Park. The exhibition area is 45000 square meters and is one of the largest art museums in North America.

The art gallery of Ontario was founded in 1900 by members of the society of artists of Ontario as "the Art Museum of Toronto". In 1919 the Museum was renamed the "Art gallery Toronto", and in 1966 received its current name. Excellent gallery collection covers a huge period of time, starting from the 1st century BC to the present day and has more than 80,000 exhibits - paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, books, installations and more.

The art gallery of Ontario owns the world's largest collection of canadian art, perfectly illustrating the history of art in Canada, beginning from the time prior to Confederation. You can see here works of such renowned canadian artists like Tom Thomson, Emily, Carl and Cornelius, Krieghoff, as well as the work of the canadian landscape painters of the so-called "Group of seven". In this collection also exhibits illustrate the fine arts of indigenous peoples of North and South America and this kind of folk art as "the Chukchi carved bone," has long been common among the Chukchi and Eskimos of the North-Eastern coast of Chukchi Peninsula and the Diomede Islands.

An impressive collection of European art represented in the gallery by the works of such internationally famous artists as Bernini, Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya, Degas, Hals, Picasso, Monet, Tintoretto, Pissarro, Gainsborough, etc. Modern art movements illustrate the work of Klein, Rothko, Gorky, Chagall, Hoffman, Smith, Dali, Matisse and many others.

Special attention deserves a unique collection of sculptures by renowned British sculptor Henry Moore, as well as an extensive collection of models of old ships and an impressive photo collection (more than 40 thousand, including the work of Brassaï, Burtynsky, Cameron, Evans, Flaherty, and Fink).

Library Art gallery of Ontario is considered to be one of the best libraries in Canada specializing in the history of art and contains more than 165 thousand volumes relevant literature, field 50 thousand directories (late 18th century to the present), historic documents, Newspapers and magazines, microfilm and multimedia media. Library and unique archives galleries open to the public.

At the Art gallery of Ontario regularly holds various temporary exhibitions.