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Museum of archaeology and history Pointe-a-Caller

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Museum Pointe-a-Caller Museum of archaeology and history in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Museum was opened in may 1992, and was timed to coincide with the 350th anniversary of Montreal.

Museum Pointe-a-Caller is located in the heart of old Montreal and is a complex of different structures. The main entrance to the Museum is located in the building known as the "Éperon". Here you will find the reception, a multimedia theater, a hall for temporary exhibitions, a restaurant and a part of the permanent exhibition, "Where Montreal was born". Leaving the building brings you to the area Royal, just behind where you will see a built in 1836-1837 years restored "Ancienne-Douane" ("Custom House"), where once was located the first custom house of Montreal. Directly under the square is the archaeological crypt, the entrance to which is available from the "Éperon" and "Ancienne-Douane". The Museum complex also includes the so-called "seamen's Home", the city's first pumping plant Uvil and Archaeological field school Pointe-a-Caller, at the site which was once the Fort of Ville-Marie historical center of modern Montreal, and then home the third Governor of Montreal, Chevalier Louis Hector de Calera, in whose honour, in fact, the Museum got its name.

The exposition of the Museum Pointe-a-Caller vast and varied, and perfectly illustrates the history of Montreal and its environs since time immemorial in all its aspects. You will be able to get acquainted with the cultural, social, economic and political development of the region since the life of indigenous peoples living in these lands several thousand years ago, the influence of the French and British regimes, as well as with the history of the Montreal Canadiens. In addition to the permanent collections, the Museum regularly holds various temporary exhibitions, thematic lectures, seminars and conferences (including for the younger generation), and is also engaged in research activities.

Museum Pointe-a-Caller is considered one of the best archaeological museums of Canada and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.