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Cathedral Mary Queen of the World

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Cathedral Mary Queen of the World - the title of Minor Basilica in Montreal. The Basilica is located in downtown Montreal at the corner of Boulevard Rene levec and Metcalfe street and is the residence of the archbishops of the Roman Catholic Church of Montreal. It is the third largest Church in Quebec after St. Joseph's Oratory and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-beaupré.

After 1852, the fire had completely destroyed the Cathedral of St. James, the Bishop of Montreal, Bourget Ignat initiated the construction of a new Cathedral in the image and likeness of the famous Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. The land was purchased in 1854, but it required huge funds, which was a serious impediment, since the financial Affairs of the diocese leaves much to be desired. The problem arose with the project. In 1857, at the request of the Bishop, the famous canadian architect Victor Bourgeois went to Rome to study St. Peter's Cathedral and for the return of the verdict on the impossibility of playback of St Peter's on a smaller scale. That didn't stop Ignatius Bourget, and in 1868 he sends to Rome as a chaplain of the papal obvious one is the sunglasses, the cleric of the Joseph Michaud. The Holy father was known as a talented self-taught architect, and the main purpose of his trip, of course, was the study of St. Peter's Basilica. They subsequently created the layout and was the basis for the construction of the Cathedral Mary Queen of the World. In General, the project of the Cathedral is the collaborative brainchild of Joseph Michaud, Victor Bourgeois and Archibald of Leprohon.

The first stone in the Foundation of the Cathedral was laid in 1870, but in connection with the catastrophic shortage of funds the work was repeatedly interrupted, and as a result, the construction dragged on for years. The construction at the time the largest religious buildings of Quebec city was completed by 1894. Originally the temple was consecrated in honor of St. James, his current name he received in 1955 by order of Pope Pius XII.

On 28 March 2000, the Cathedral Mary Queen of the World was given the status of National historic site of Canada.