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National Museum of fine arts of Quebec

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National Museum of fine arts of Quebec Museum of fine arts in Quebec city, Canada. The Museum was founded in 1933 by the Quebec government as a "Museum of the province of Quebec", and in 1961, renamed the "Museum of Quebec". Its current name, the Museum acquired in 2002.

The Museum is located near the historic center of Quebec city on the so-called Plains of Abraham in battlefields Park, and consists of three separate buildings - the Central pavilion, pavilion "Charles Baillairgé" and the pavilion "Gérard-Morisset". In the building of the pavilion "Baillairgé, Charles", built in the 19th century, up to 1970, the old Quebec prison. The interior of several prison facilities during the reconstruction of the building have been left unchanged, and now they are part of the Museum exhibition.

The Museum's permanent collection includes more than 38,000 works of art is the painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, decorative and applied art and much more. Most of the works created in Quebec or Quebec origin artists, among them such talented artists as Jean-Paul Riopelle, Anthony Plamandon, Armand Vaillancourt, Charles Daudelin, Jean-Pierre Morin, François Beaucourt, Patrick Bernatchez, Louis-Prudent Vallée, etc.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the National Museum of fine arts of Quebec there are regular special temporary exhibitions and thematic conferences, lectures and various educational programs for school-age children. Since 1987 the Museum has its own library.

By the end of 2016 on Grand Avenue (in the former Dominican monastery) plans to open a fourth new pavilion of the Museum "Pavillon Pierre-Lassonde".