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Oratory Of St. Joseph du Mont-Royal

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Oratory of St. Joseph is a Roman Catholic minor Basilica in Montreal. The oratory is located on the top of Westmount (one of the three peaks of Mont-Royal) and is the largest Church and the national Shrine of Canada.

In 1904, Andre Bessette of the monastic congregation of the Holy cross built on the slope of Mont-Royal near the College of Notre Dame small chapel, which, in fact, began the history of the oratory of St. Joseph. Or Andre Bessette brother andré, as it was called by the canadian French-speaking Catholics, was known as a man of wise and possessed the gift of healing. Thousands of people flocked to Montreal in hopes of getting advice, spiritual advice, or to get rid of a severe illness, and soon a small chapel was unable to accommodate everyone. So, in 1924, construction began on the Basilica of St. Joseph, which was to take many years and ended only in 1967, 30 years after the death of Andre Bessette.

Andre Bessette beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1982, and in 2010, canonized by Benedict XVI. The body of the Saint rests in the crypt of the oratory, and his heart placed in a reliquary which can be seen in the Museum of the oratorio. The Basilica is also a wall with many attached to her crutches - a silent reminder of the miraculous gift of healing, brother Andre.

Basilica of St. Joseph represents the most impressive building in the Italian Renaissance style, the height of the temple is 129 m. the Main distinctive feature of the Basilica is a huge dome - one of the largest domes in the world (after the famous domes of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de La Paix in Yamoussoukro and Saint Peter's Cathedral in Rome).

Special attention will always be represented in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the oratorio the excellent collection of Nativity scenes, as well as the work of a talented sculptor Joseph Guardo on the theme "the Holy family" (also in the Museum are regularly held various temporary exhibitions). A lot of fun you will get and visit the concerts of organ music held here.