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Castle Ramsay

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Ramsay castle, or Chateau ramzey, - local history Museum in the canadian city of Montreal. The castle is located in Old Montreal on Notre Dame street, right across from city Hall just five minutes walk from the metro station Champ-de-Mars.

Castle Ramsey was built in 1705 as the residence of the acting Governor of Montreal Claude de Ramsey. Throughout its history, the castle has repeatedly changed owners. At different times it housed a trading company, the headquarters of the Continental army, and in 1849 the building was again used as the residence of the Governor, the truth is British and was known as "government House". In 1878, the castle and Ramsay became home to the medical faculty of the University of Montreal.

In 1894 the building was acquired by the Montreal society of numismatists and antiquarians and turned it into a historical Museum and portrait gallery. The impressive Museum collection is formed mainly on the basis of private donations and today has more than 30,000 exhibits. The Museum collection contains manuscripts, publications, pictures, ethnological objects, an extensive numismatic collection, paintings, prints, furniture and much more.

From 1997 to 2002, the Museum was closed for renovation. In the same period in the spirit of a typical urban garden in New France of the 18th century was restored to the luxurious Governor's garden as a fine Testament to a bygone era. In 2003, the castle and Ramsay received the prestigious National Award of Excellence from the Canadian society of landscape architects.

Castle Ramsay was the first building proclaimed as a historical monument of Quebec, and is the oldest private Museum of the history of the province.