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Among the many attractions of Vancouver with the closest attention will always be located on Hornby street, the 750 art Gallery - one of the largest and most interesting art galleries in Canada.

Art gallery in Vancouver, was founded in 1931 and located in a small building on West Georgia street, 1145. After 20 years, in order to thoroughly expand the exhibition area, the original building has undergone significant changes, but the collection grew rapidly, and the question of expansion has once again become relevant. In 1983, the new home of the art Gallery of Vancouver, was the magnificent neoclassical building of the former court on Hornby street, built in 1906 by the project of Francis Rattenbury. The gallery moved to Hornby street after conducting an extensive renovation of the courthouse under the leadership of Arthur Erickson as part of the modernization of Robson square.

The gallery collection includes more than 10,000 exhibits are paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and other works of art. A significant part of the collection is the work of the canadian artists, including Emily Carr (Vancouver gallery owns the largest collection of her works), Jeff wall, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, John Underpant, David Milne, Harold Town, Théophile Hamel, Anthony Plamondon, Guido Molinari, and the works of the so-called "Group of seven" and many others. Available in galleries and works of such prominent representatives of the Dutch "Golden age" as Ian Ravesteyn, Jan Wynants, Isaac van Ostade, Peter Nipsa, Abraham stork, as well as the work of famous Japanese photographer Eiko, Hosea and the first edition of the "disasters of war" Francisco Goya.

Renowned art Gallery and an excellent library of 45,000 volumes of specialized literature, an impressive selection of periodicals, exhibition and auction catalogs, slides, etc. In the Museum are regularly held various temporary exhibitions as well as educational programs and lectures.

Unfortunately, today only a small part of the treasure gallery are represented in the permanent exhibition and in the foreseeable future, the planned construction of a new spacious building.